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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Fahud First (F.ONE) is very proud to offer you one-stop solutions for all of your calibration requirements. We serve customers in Aviation, Marine, Manufacturing, Power Transmission, Hospitals, Oil & Gas, Defence & Water treatment and other industries.
We offer pickup and delivery service to expedited services to mobile calibration
- Our engineers perform on site calibration services at your premises and remote locations in particularly oil and gas fields.

- We offer a network of laboratories throughout Sultanate of Oman, in which the main laboratory is located at Nizwa. Our Laboratories Calibration Services provides calibrations for a broad array of disciplines and instruments, allowing you to fulfil your calibration needs from a single, reliable vendor.

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Dimension Calibration 

Fahud First provides with calibration services of extensive selection of dimensional measuring equipment gives you the versatility you require for demanding applications and a wide range of environments.

Electrical Calibration

Fahud First has highly trained technicians and high-tech equipment, our electrical calibration provides results that will give you confidence in the capabilities of your electronic instruments. Our range of electrical or electronic calibration includes

Electrical Calibration.jpg

Pressure Calibration

We calibrate all makes / models in our laboratory and we also offer custom Onsite and in-process pressure calibration services, designed for your process environment and performed to either OEM or custom specifications.

Temperature Calibration

Our Temperature calibration services include tool calibration for a variety of measuring hand tools as well as calibration of masters and standards.

Temprature Calibiration_edited.jpg
Humadity Calibiration_edited.jpg

Humidity Calibration

Fahud First provide humidity calibration services at our lab in Nizwa, Oman. You will receive a Calibration Certificate with full details for each calibrated item.

Torque Calibration

Companies that work with torque instruments find that maintaining traceability and reliable measurement with routine torque calibration supports the quality of their operations.


Mass Calibration

We at Fahud First provide a range of mass calibration services including balance calibration, scale calibration, weight calibration and comparator calibration at our climate-controlled facility...

Volumetric Calibration

We provide services for a variety of volumetric instruments including pipettes calibration, beakers calibration and burettes.


Vacuum-Flow Calibration

We at Fahud First provide services for a variety of flow instruments including flow meter calibration, anemometer calibration, velocity meter and hydrometer calibration.

Force Calibration

Instruments such as dynamometers, force gauges and load cells are dependent on accurate force calibration in order to consistently deliver their specified performance.

NDT Calibiration.jpg

NDT Calibration

NDT Calibration Services,  Ultrasonic flaw detectors, Ultrasonic thickness meters, Bond testers, Eddy current flaw detectors, Photometers and radiometers, Conductivity meters and blocks, MPI equipment, Ultra Violet (UV) Meters, Light Meters, Gauss Meters...

Gas Detection Calibration

Our Gas analyser and detector calibration services include tool calibration for a variety of measuring hand tools as well as calibration of masters and standards.

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