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Torque Calibration

Companies that work with torque instruments find that maintaining traceability and reliable measurement with routine torque calibration supports the quality of their operations.

Fahud First offers calibration services of torque instruments including:

  • Cable Tensiometer Verification

  • Pull Tester

  • Push Pull Tester

  • Torque Screwdriver

  • Torque Wrench Calibration

  • Torque Meter



All results from your force calibration service will be clearly detailed in a Calibration Certificate, a report covering “as found” and “as left” conditions, traceability, accreditation, complete calibration results and any adjustments or repairs made during calibration services. Torque calibration requirements are generated from a number of resources including manufacturers, ANSI/ASME, Federal Specifications as well as customer requirements.

Torque wrench calibration, screwdriver (preset) and torque sensor calibration makes use of a torque system with the option to select the appropriate transducer for the range of the instrument from among multiple choices. Torque multipliers are also calibrated with transducers, but require the use of two transducers. One transducer measures the generated torque input, while the other measures the torque output.

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